Special Promotions



Do You Want Tickets to Amusement Parks, Water Parks...  

...and Other Venues? 

...tickets for On-Air Giveaways, Station Promotions, Listener Prizes for Remotes, etc.


We Want Radio Inventory.  

...it's That Simple!


Here is an overview:

  • Parks want advertising.
  • We have Parks that will trade tickets for advertising through MediaAdPro.
  • You have radio spot inventory.  
  • We have tickets.  
  • We trade our tickets to you at a 2:1 ratio.  (You get $1 in tickets; we get $2 in banked spot inventory)
  • We now own this inventory.
  • We provide our network rate card reflecting YOUR stations' published cash rate to our Parks and clients..
  •  We sell this inventory. 
  • They run ads on your station through MediaAdPro.


Traffic is simple:

We use MediaAdPro software for traffic. (You can read about and/or watch a short video about how simple it is to work with Media Ad Pro’s traffic software)

Your traffic team will receive weekly notifications of traffic orders and then process proof-of-performance affidavits through MedAdPro's traffic software.

Affidavits are simple.  No Hassle. ONE CLICK and YOU'RE DONE! No notary seal, no printing, faxing or mailing.  It will literally take Traffic :05 to :10 seconds to process affys.



What we WON'T do...

  • We do NOT compete with your sales team. 
  • We do NOT go after your local clients.
  • We do NOT send a script for your production team to produce.
  • We do NOT air “Drug Awareness” spots, “Safety Awareness” spots etc..


What we Will do...

  • We provide ONLY professionally produced :30s and/or :60s
  • We sell advertising campaigns to our clients as a network schedule. Your station(s) will be part of a multi-market, statewide or format-based schedule.
  • We will provide our clients an affiliate list rate card with your station info including your published cash rate. based on a :30 second rate. M-S, 6a to 7p.
  • We are extremely transparent with our clients.  We will provide digital affidavits to our clients with each station's information including the Traffic Director's name, the General Manager's name AND the name of the person at your station who verified that each spot ran.  


To get started, we need some information. 

Click the red Sign Up button and follow the steps to complete the MediaAdPro-Motion Account sign-up process.

This will give you access to our shopping cart to order your tickets or simply check availability.