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"MediaAdPro makes my job easier. We have used Radio Forecast Network for hundreds of thousands of dollars in media buys every year for over 5 years. With the use of the MediaAdPro™ software, RFN is able to place orders within minutes, deliver pre-log reports minutes after that, and digital affidavits come in a PDF file when the RFN affiliates verify the schedule---sometimes within the very next week after the spots run. This cuts down on my paperwork. There is no need for our staff to compile reports for our clients---it's all in one file---a different page for each station! I have been able to re-purpose some of my staff because they no longer need to assist me in calling or emailing stations about traffic orders and affidavit reports. It also reduces the lag-time waiting for these affidavits. This means I get paid by my clients much faster. It's just easier to deal with a network using MediaAdPro™."

-Marc Albano, President and CEO of TransMedia.