Barter For Tickets


Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Venues, etc.


DO YOU WANT TICKETS TO AMUSEMENT PARKS, WATER PARKS and venues??? for On-Air Giveaways, Station Promotions, Listener Prizes for Remotes, etc


We Want Radio Inventory.'s That Simple!


Is your inventory based on “use-or-lose?”  Radio stations, TV stations, networks, even hotel properties fall under this category.  It just makes sense to turn that inventory into give-away promotions, employee incentives, client bonuses--- even friends and family gifts.  Too many broadcast per-inquiry ads may turn people off.

Radio drives listeners to amusement parks and water parks!   Over ten years ago RFN began fulfilling dozens of Amusement Park / Water Park advertising contracts with the spot inventory we generate from our network affiliates.

Amusement Parks LOVE radio advertising.   Over the past few years, we at RFN and MediaAdPro have seen a massive growth in park advertising contracts, and because of the many new contracts with major parks around the country, we find a need for more inventory on more stations to fulfill these contracts.

Turn excess inventory into something positive.  Employee perks, client incentives, and creative promotions.

As you know, parks normally trade admission tickets in exchange for radio advertising.  We barter these tickets to our affiliates, media partners, clients, and trade exchanges throughout the country in exchange for credits in their systems.

A Simple overview:

  • Parks and venues want radio and TV advertising.
  • We have park and venue clients that will trade tickets for advertising.
  • You want tickets for give-away promotions and client/employee incentives.
  • We have tickets.  
  • You have radio spot inventory.
  • You order tickets from us.
  • We trade our tickets for banked spot inventory.
  • We place schedules on your station through our traffic software. 
  • You provide affidavits through our traffic software.


MediaAdPro software The MediaAdPro team has been developing an effortless system for ALL radio stations, TV stations, even resorts and hotels to participate in our Barter-for-Tickets promotion.

We developed an easy way for you to order tickets to ANY park in our Marketplace and pay for it with spots for the various parks and venues we traffic on your station.  The parks control the advertising placement on the stations they choose.  This means you can barter your spot inventory directly through the MediaAdPro Barter Exchange; you do not necessarily need to limit your park order to the park advertising on your station. You simply order the park tickets you want; we traffic that inventory value to participating parks, venues, and clients. We handle the traffic through our proprietary insertion order and affidavit software---MediaAdPro---the same software used by our current Radio Forecast Network affiliates.

  • Tickets are for promotional use ONLY. 
  • You can do anything you want with the tickets you order with one exception: You cannot sell them for cash. (discounted or not)


Systems are in place to make the process seamless with tracking at every point:


  • Order tickets through our MediaAdPro Barter Exchange shopping cart.


  • We ship the tickets (with USPS tracking) directly to your station or hotel.

  • You will receive an invoice for shipping charges and securely pay by credit card though an online-compliant portal through FreshBooks’ encrypted portal

  • When the time comes for us to place an order, we use MediaAdPro’s traffic software.


  • Proof-of-performance affidavits are simple. One Click and You’re Done.


We offer this Barter-for-Tickets promotion to ANY and ALL radio stations, TV stations, hotels, resorts, B&Bs in the US and Canada.

Hospitality properties can order tickets and use them for radio promotions to draw listeners to their website for direct booking, guest promotions or employee perks.

Ticket ordering is easy.  Use our shopping cart function to make your barter purchase.  Choose from tickets for ANY of the parks we have listed in our in-house trade exchange Marketplace at  YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED BY EMAIL WHEN THE TICKETS YOU ORDER ARE PRINTED AND AVAILABLE FOR SHIPMENT.  For you to purchase tickets prior to the start of the parks’ schedules, we will issue your station(s) a no-interest barter credit line. All transactions will be clearly defined in a monthly statement maintained by our in-house trade exchange—MediaAdPro Barter Exchange.  There is a barter transaction fee for every purchase.  NOT A CASH FEE, but a BARTER transaction fee of 35%.  As you probably know already, some third-party media buyers charge two times the ticket price and use their inventory profit on your station to sell to “non-traditional” radio clients in your market for cash---usually three times your published cash rate.   Plus, you have the “honor” of producing the spot that airs (maybe three times) on your station.  To those of us who have been in the radio industry, we consider this to be an insult.

The traffic orders we place on your station(s) do not have to match the dollar amount of the tickets you order.  Order as many as you want for any park on the list.

MediaAdPro Barter Exchange software tracks the debit and credit accounting for the ticket orders and spot inventory.  This is basically a checking account for barter sales and purchases.  You will see transactions that represent the value of the tickets you purchase, and you will also see the value of advertising placed on your station(s).

  • Every trade exchange charges a cash fee to participate.  WE DO NOT!  We charge your station(s) a moderate trade transaction fee to participate.  
  • Most trade exchanges charge a membership fee, a set-up fee, and a monthly fee to participate.  WE DO NOT!
  • Some third-party media companies may charge a 2:1 ratio for the privilege of providing you with tickets.  (they get two; radio stations get one) WE DO NOT!  We charge a transaction fee at 100% barter.
  • Some media companies or agencies pay a jacked-up TRADE RATE (plus the 2:1 ratio) to run amusement park advertising on radio or TV.  WE DO NOT!
  • Our amusement park and venue clients expect to pay the NET CASH rate-card rate charged to any “off the street” cash client.  THIS, WE DO!


What we do NOT do when we place an advertising schedule on your station(s)

  • We do NOT compete with your sales team. 
  • We do NOT go after your local clients.
  • We do NOT send a script for your production team to produce.
  • We do NOT air “Drug Awareness” spots, “Safety Awareness” spots etc..


What we Will do...

  • We provide ONLY professionally produced :30s and/or :60s
  • We sell advertising campaigns to our clients as a network schedule. Your station(s) will be part of a multi-market, statewide or format-based schedule.
  • We will provide our clients an affiliate list rate card with your station info including your published cash rate. based on a :30 second rate. M-S, 6a to 7p.
  • We are extremely transparent with our clients.  We will provide digital affidavits with each station's information including the Traffic Director's name, the General Manager's name, AND the name of the person at your station who verified that each spot ran.  


MediaAdPro Barter Exchange is the software that keeps track of the accounting for ticket purchases and payments (barter) for advertising.

This will give you access to our shopping cart to order your tickets or simply check availability.

Once activated, I will set up your station(s) in our MediaAdPro traffic software.  You will be notified by email at every juncture.

If you would like to participate, please visit and click “JOIN” to set up an account.  (the credit card dropdown in the software will ask for a CC#.  Choose “Other,” as this promotion requires no cash charges.  Only shipping charges for tickets will be invoiced through our account with FreshBooks’ encrypted payment method.