Our Software

Easily upload spots to the server---

Placing orders---

For unwired networks providing content to hundreds of affiliates, this software is essential. Radio Forecast Network uses MediaApPro™ to place over 15,000 spots (:30s and :60s) for 10 to 15 clients on 300 affiliates in less than 2 hours per week. You can provide your client with surgically targeted media buys by format, market, state-even one station at a time.

What about "copy-splitting?" If you must place ONE order in various markets (or states) on ONLY specific formats in your list of affiliates and, the same week, fulfill the same client's order on OTHER formats, MediaAdPro™ can do it---in minutes. What about state-restrictions on certain offers? No problem!

Traffic can place each insertion order in less than 60 seconds. In just minutes traffic orders can be processed weekly, monthly or for an entire annual campaign, or a combination thereof.

Stations login to process insertion orders with pre-populated pledge-times. (editable)

Your affiliates can use their automation's audio downloaders to retrieve content, spots, and traffic instructions, and import ALL OF IT into their system.

You can track whether traffic directors actually download your orders for that week.

Processing affidavits---

Once this inventory has aired, the affidavits (populated with original pledge-times) are made available to the affiliate -- allowing a "one-click" verification of inventory aired. Your traffic department can, in less than a minute, create a PDF of all station affidavits for that client and email the report to clients.

Affiliate relations--

Keep track of affiliates in our built-in CRM function. With just a few clicks, edit station info, schedule make-goods, et al.