Our Software

Do you actually know if your content is being aired?

How do you know if your affiliates are playing your bartered inventory?

Can you place traffic orders by market, format or state?

MediaAdPro™ does all of this and more.

MediaAdPro™ puts the control of your network at your fingertips---literally.

  • Easily upload spots to the server.
  • Place a traffic order on an unlimited amount of affiliates---all at once--- in less than 60 seconds.
  • Affiliates can process Affidavit Reports digitally with one click. 


MediaAdPro™ Eliminates the need for excessive payroll.

You and your keyboard can, in minutes, do the work of a full-time staff.

Repurpose your employees.  Your team should not be manually placing orders, waiting on traffic directors to deliver affidavits, and then "pushing papers" to get reports out to clients and agencies.

Traffic orders are placed in less than a minute.  Affidavits from affiliates are instantly stored in your network's database for easy retrieval and easy reporting.