WantaShot.com is designed to spotlight your CD on over fifty country radio stations in various markets throughout the USA. Thousands of listeners will hear your story and your music.

We launched WantaShot with our first artist—Bethany Becker.


What do you get when you sign up for WantaShot?

Here is a detailed package of what every artist receives:

    • MediaAdPro will process traffic orders with Radio Forecast Network affiliate stations (specifically Country Music formats) to air commercials for new singles, EPs, albums, etc., to generate listener interest in the artist’s music and possibly drive purchases. These spots will include our voiceover announcer and clips from the featured CD, which could translate into credit for airplay on each station for the airplay charts.
    • MediaAdPro will furnish the RFN affiliate stations with your Electronic Press Kit (EPK) including music downloads--- recommending they choose a certain song or two to review and air.
    • The relationship each of these station affiliates have with MediaAdPro and RFN establishes a credibility factor that benefits, you, the artist. This relationship can only help with a better chance of receiving airplay. The station management, already hearing your music through your CD spots airing on their station, would make their decision to play your music much easier.
    • RFN will air a combo of spots from the first month and on-air interview spots intended to provide updates of artist’s career and music.
    • The interviews will serve as a virtual radio tour, allowing the artist to appear in a recorded-live quick interview on 50 stations without having to travel across the country.
    • The interview will be conducted by phone in such a way that will appear to be that both the artist and the interviewer are face-to-face in the studio. Artist will furnish nine questions in writing to RFN along with a recording of the answers. If no studio is available, the best quality we have found can be achieved by recording your answers on an iPhone in a room with carpet and a type of drapery material best suited to prevent voices from literally “bouncing off the walls.” It is the responsibility of the artist to send these files to RFN.
    • Much like the second month, RFN will air a combination of spots and interviews.
    • The interviews can be updates with different segments cut from the original questions and answers. This enables RFN stations to keep the content fresh.
    • Additionally, the spots can be updated, whether to promote additional tour stops, drive web or social traffic, or promote different singles/albums, if needed.

Here is what it costs:

$299 ONE TIME setup fee. Includes: studio production of spots and interviews. (Talent fees included.) $1000 cash per month for a minimum of $3000 in guaranteed advertising/interviews on 50 RFN Country Music affiliates.

  • Prime-time advertising: Monday through Sunday, 6a to 7p. This reflects a 3:1 ratio on a :60 second spot at the :30 second rate—based on each station’s :30 second cash rate card.
  • Pre-logs are provided to artist prior to start of schedule.
  • Affidavits are provided by RFN from each station verifying that the spots and interviews were aired at the times provided by the station.
  • Before promotion begins, Artists must provide EPK, ready to be emailed.
  • Artists must also provide music for use in spots and provide access to artist for interview. (Interview will be conducted by phone and edited in RFN Studios)